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AlgoSec CloudFlow


AlgoSec delivers complete visibility and security policy management across multi-cloud environments

AlgoSec CloudFlow’s enables Microsoft Azure customers to centrally manage network security across their Azure estate, including Azure firewalls and network security groups (NSG).


Key features provided by AlgoSec:

  • Provides instant visibility across subscriptions, regions and VNETs
  • Easily define policy sets for groups of firewalls or similar purpose NSGs. Gain single screen visibility of all network security rules in a policy set – across subscription, VNETS, regions - and define how they are installed.
  • Quick deployment: CloudFlow is an agentless cloud-native SaaS solution which allows an easy on-boarding within minutes. 
  • Achieve automated, centralized cloud security management when used in conjunction with AlgoSec’s Security Management Solution: IT and security teams can manage multiple layers of security controls (including cloud native security groups and cloud security products such as Azure firewall). AlgoSec solutions operate across multiple clouds, accounts, regions and VNETs, giving holistic change management for hybrid and multi-cloud environments, at the speed of cloud deployment.