Blink Time

by andavis GmbH

Blink Time Time Tracking

With the Blink Time App, the time recording via app is easily done on site in the location. Keep track of things with the Blink Manager App - in real time! Alternatively, times can also be recorded by terminal or phone. With the free Blink Time app, cleaners capture their times on the spot with their own smartphone. Simply scan the QR code when starting and stopping. Through the integrated calendar, work done and planned assignments can be displayed directly in the app. The app is designed for time management for contract cleaners with ease of use, multilingualism and comfort features for employees. With the Blink Manager app, the manager has his employees always in view - and in real time! It is immediately visible when someone is not working and illness, vacation, or absence can then be easily recorded directly via the app. But not only the daily tasks can be done, but also the monthly release of the times for the wage accounting or the scheduling of the coworkers on the cost centers. All management functions that are available to the manager via the Manager App can also be conveniently done in the browser on the desktop. Payroll accounting also has access to the released times and can export these for further processing. In addition, clients, wage types and general system configurations are made here. All customer data and the associated systems are in Germany in compliance with the strict EU regulations and the GDPR.

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