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The world's first fully cloud based application packaging solution.

A fully cloud based Windows 10 ready application packaging solution.

Apptimized is the world's first and only truly fully cloud-based applications packaging solution.

Apptimized provides a platform for anyone who needs to package applications, sell application packaging services or create application packages.

Apptimized supports Windows 7, 8 and 10, Server platforms, and delivers MSI and App-V packaging formats.

Everything needed to test, remediate, package and manage desktop software for all desktop and virtual environments in the cloud. No need for expensive hardware and software.

Apptimized has variable per user licensing options – Light for application compatibility testing, Basic for those who need to create packages for a single Windows platform in a single format, Professional for those who need to create customised packages for multiple platforms in multiple formats, and Enterprise for those who need to discover and create application packages, edit MSI's and App-V's and test them.

All options include unlimited storage and support.

Apptimized also offer a Packaging Factory service for those customers who want to outsource their packaging needs. For details visit our website.