Accessible Smart Cities through WeWALK Smart Cane

WeWALK Limited

Accessible navigation, exploration services through app & smart cane for the visually impaired

WeWALK Limited is an assistive technology company, develops accessibility solutions for the visually impaired end-users. You can get smart cane devices for your employees and target users or integrate with our solutions by contacting us.


As WeWALK, we're providing,
  • Smart Cane Devices for your employees or target groups
  • Accessible navigation journey
  • Nearby places information
  • Public transport information through Azure Maps Public Transport services
  • Voice assistant interface to make discovery easy for all users
  • Integrate with your local data and information services

We're providing our solutions in an accessible smartphone application available to every smartphone user and through our WeWALK smart cane for the visually impaired.

If you're an institution or a municipality to provide accessible location discovery services to your users from different technology readiness levels, you can evaluate our all-in-one solution package.

Please contact us to customize your solution. And learn more about our hardware solution.
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