Arinti Chatbot-As-A-Service (CaaS) platform

by Arinti

Get started and create your own bot in a matter of weeks with our platform.

This application is available in English, Dutch and French. Meet our Chatbot-As-A-Service platform! Over the past few years, the team at Arinti has built several enterprise bots to meet the needs of organizations who were looking to automate labor-intensive and repetitive tasks. They've put together a platform that enables organizations to easily create, deploy, and manage customized chatbots powered by artificial intelligence within their organization. The platform leverages modern Azure AI services to create smart and user friendly conversational assistants. The platform is currently in use by several customers in the enterprise & SMB market. Thanks to the platform, you can get started and in under 4 weeks create your first bot. Features of Arinti's Chatbot-As-A-Service platform: 1. Knowledge Base Every bot building platform requires a knowledge base. This is the brain for your bot so that it can respond to whatever a user requests from it. Here you will create and train your bot. 2. Logging Once your chatbot is alive and kicking, you will want to monitor its performance. Thanks to our logging engine, you can dig deep into conversations to get a better understanding of user expectations. This is where you will get the necessary insights to create additional flows and content for your bot. 3. Test- and train bot Test and train your bot by using the testbot in the platform. The testbot visualizes its confidence level so you can keep track of how good the AI is performing. 4. Analytics In this section of our platform you will find the most important analytics about your bot and its users. How much customers is my bot dealing with? What are the busiest times for my bot? Where are my users coming from? This section will help you answer these questions, and a lot more. 5. Admin and security User and rights management, security and authorization, ... all managed in one place. 6. Support portal If something goes wrong, we have a support portal where you can log incident tickets and follow-up on the progress we make dealing with them. We help our customers get maximum value from cutting edge conversational AI technology by providing consulting services from ideation to design and development for their bots.

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