Xtractor - OCR /ICR Platform

by Artivatic Data Labs

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Extracting scan, pdf, handwritten & images documents & classifying, Automating for businesses

Xtractor helps businesses in extracting, classifying and automating documents for all processes starting from customer on-boarding, sales, finance, bills, medical reports, forms, investigation reports, invoices, KYCs etc.
- Document classification
- Document Match
- Face Recognition
- Signature Detection
- Document Fraud
- Handwritten Extraction
- PDF Extraction
- Image Extraction
- Document Automation & RPA

This platform can be used by insurance, banking, finance & medical businesses to digitise their documents which are pfds, scans, images and handwritten both structured & unstructured.  100+ APIs are available for this platform which can be integrated to on-boarding process, claims, automated account opening, credit card documents processing, underwriting process, form filling, billing reading, extracting of investigation reports, invoice processing and other documents.  

This platform streamlines and automates the operations for many businesses that involve documents to check, process, read and verify.

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