asBuilt Vault - 3D Spatial Intelligence Platform

by asBuilt

ONE easy-to-use platform to unify, model, and manage your digital twin, spatially

Vault is a simple-to-use platform deployed as a digital twin of your built assets. 

  • Vault, powered by Microsoft Azure, provides a robust, cloud enabled solution to maximise the value of building information and create the foundations for smarter performing assets via IoT technologies.
  • No matter what industry you are in, Vault’s core spatial intelligence features and customisable applications will connect the whole supply chain together.
Why Vault?

  • For many built or infrastructure assets the digital information attached to the asset is fragmented, stored in different places, or worse, is not digitised at all. Collaboration and communication is difficult. With Vault, multiple streams of built data is integrated on ONE spatial platform to deliver live, usable insights.

  • Together with IoT technologies, in this smart form built assets can communicate, simulate, alert, learn and forecast.

Vault Features
Point Cloud Manager
  • Vault allows you to store, access and manage all of your point cloud data in one Cloud hosted location. 
360 Degree Photo Capture and Viewer 
  • All 360 degree imagery is spatially and time managed for optimised organisation and access. Links to the base model provide contextualised reference. Reference all your project photos (2D and 360 imagery), in high resolution, linked back to the base model. 
Drone Viewer 
  • Explore 360 Photogrammetry layers or point clouds in one central location. Utilise Vault’s simple upload and management functionality for all aerial footage and fly-throughs.
Model Viewer
  • Enables all stakeholders to view technical and digital models, without additional software or specialist technical skills. 
Model Dashboard and Analytics
  • Visualise key spatial and built asset data on powerful, information rich dashboards and get live actionable insights. Vault incorporates Power BI, to give users quick access to the meta data and key project source information, in one location

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