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Ascend Dataflow Platform


Autonomous Dataflow Service

Ascend provides the world’s first Autonomous Dataflow Service, where customers can build, scale, and operate continuously optimized, Apache Spark-based pipelines, with less code and fewer breakages.

Powered by Ascend’s Dataflow Control Plane, data engineers and scientists combine declarative configurations and automation to manage cloud infrastructure, optimize pipelines, and eliminate maintenance across the entire data lifecycle.  What used to be manual and time-consuming is now automatic.

Ascend Autonomous Dataflow Service

With Ascend, you can build fully reliable Spark-based pipelines with 85% less code and zero maintenance burden. We bring together four foundational elements that drive the new standard in data development:

  1. FULLY MANAGED, PORTABLE CLOUD SERVICE: Deploy and run seamlessly in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform, with all development fully portable across clouds.
  2. MULTI-LANGUAGE: Build and visualize declarative configurations using modular transforms in SQL and PySpark, with full lineage and dependency management.
  3. ELASTIC DATA FABRIC: Auto-scale with precision based on data, code, concurrency, and SLAs for on-demand processing and auto-orchestration to handle any scale.
  4. DATAFLOW CONTROL PLANE: The powerhouse that automates the management of underlying infrastructure, while perpetually operating and optimizing your pipelines in response to inevitable data changes.