by A&S Divertissement Inc

The Ultimate Gamified Onboarding Solution for Any Workplace

Effectively onboard new employees with Worktale’s fun, game-based solution. Powered by gaming logics and technology for an interactive, employee-led experience.
Worktale allows you to not only integrate new employees into your work processes but also into your corporate culture through a map-based, individualized journey. Track how your new hires progress through onboarding objectives and allow them to actively learn, discover, and gain knowledge about the company. Fully customizable to reflect your brand’s identity, Worktale offers all the key features to rapidly have employees functional in their new role:

HR and admin features
  • user-friendly dashboard
  • onboarding journey management
  • multiple and consistent onboarding paths
  • progress tracking on individual and aggregate level
  • employee spotlight
  • crucial data point for understanding onboarding efficiency and value
  • number of connections made during onboarding
Employees features
  • a game-based onboarding experience complete with objectives
  • Accumulate points to move through onboarding journey
  • map-based mobile interface
  • unlock levels with progress tracking & rewards
  • material archive and repeatable modals
  • Worktale is available directly in Microsoft Teams for easy accessibility.

Start retaining resources through a more holistic and thorough introduction.

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