Seamless Drive for Office 365

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Organize your Corporate Data in Office 365 and SharePoint - simple, structured and secure!

Replace your local file server for corporate data with SharePoint Online in an easy, secure and well-structured way!

SharePoint is Microsoft’s answer for keeping and editing enterprise data in the cloud. SharePoint document repositories offer modern collaboration features such as sharing, versioning or co-authoring, but they also have limitations over the file system and other paradigms are used. Access control with the out-of-the-box resources of SharePoint is demanding and requires specialist knowledge. Many companies find it difficult to switch from file system to SharePoint Online for Office 365.

Seamless Drive is an easy-to-use and expandable software-as-a-Service that makes it easy to securely store your corporate data in the usual company structure in SharePoint. With Seamless Drive you can replace your local file server and increase SharePoint acceptance as a file storage in your the company.

Add-In capabilities

  • store company data according to your usual structures and processes in SharePoint, without stumbling over restrictions or limits of the service
  • controll SharePoint access in a simple and intuitive way for internal and external users
  • join workspaces and map relationships between the various datastores such as departments, subsidiaries, locations, business unit, projects, teams, ...
  • invite externals to collaborate and keep track of who and when which content was externally shared and who accessed. Interrupt current sharings, individually or for an entire area
  • easily discover when and which employees in which area share content with whom. Stop releasing any or all files in a specific area
  • use the user-friendly full-text search to easily find organizational units, documents or employees
  • integrate Seamless Drive into MS Teams to combine both solutions in the fields of Communication & Collaboration.

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