A set of ready to use financial and sales dashboards for clients using 1C based on PowerBI

BIAnalytics is a subscription service with a standardized set of dashboards for anylizing sales and financial performance based on your existing 1C.

We do not store your data on our servers. The data is uploaded a secure folder within Azure within your tenant. All calculations take place within Microsoft cloud services (PowerBI) and will be displayed on the web in the form of dashboards. Data security is provided by Microsoft, access to data is carried out using two-factor authentication. The dashboards can be viewed on any device.

BIAnalytics allows you to:
  • Optimize the allocation of resources within the business - Invest in high-performing departments and cut costs in inefficient ones
  • Expand your business on time - Evaluate the profitability and growth potential of the business based on clear financial indicators.
  • Choose the right solutions - Strategically correct decisions in favor of mergers or acquisitions, based on the financial condition and effectiveness of the potential outcome.
  • Distribute capital correctly - Cash flow will help you with such solutions as: reinvestment in business, payment of dividends, repurchase of shares
  • Eliminate cash gaps in business - Monitor cash flow and make adjustments to ensure that the business has sufficient funds to meet financial obligations
  • Manage all risks - For example, diversify your business or increase reserves to be prepared for potential economic downturns.
  • Make budgets faster - Build the right financial forecasts for the financial planning of the organization.
  • Set a profitable assortment - The financial dashboard will help you see which of them are profitable and which are not.
  • Compare periods - An interactive dashboard will allow you to look at all the indicators in comparison with previous periods in order to set goals for the near future.

The financial dashboards include the following information:
  • Analysis of current assets
  • Analysis of current liabilities
  • Fixed assets
  • Obligation and Liabilities
  • Profit and Loss Statement
  • Profit analysis by product
  • Profit analysis by segment
  • Share of expenses in revenue
  • Customer analysis by profitability
  • Counter-party profitability analysis
  • Number of sales
  • Analysis of trade turnover

The sales dashboards include the following information:
  • Sources of sales
  • Transaction conversion (sales funnel)
  • Lead cost
  • Transaction cost
  • Transaction cycle
  • Analysis of sales by counterparties (clients)
  • Analysis of sales by divisions (branches)
  • Geographical distribution of sales

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