AtlasRTX Intelligent Chatbot & CX Analytics


AtlasRTX enterprise-grade chatbots support your marketing, sales and customer service teams 24/7

AtlasRTX provides automated Virtual Assistants that enable market leading companies to interact in real-time with their prospects & customers across their entire journey, 24/7, via web or mobile. The results are more qualified leads, shorter sales cycles, better service, and ultimately increased brand affinity.

We deliver these solutions via a global, scalable SaaS platform and a managed service powered by Subject matter experts who continually train, monitor, and improve the performance of our digital assistants. Just like your best team members, our virtual assistants have significant domain expertise, strong IQ & EQ (not only do our chatbots answer questions correctly, but our chatbots have the capability to show emotion and empathy), and are constantly getting better at what they do. Unlike your best team members, they never need sleep, are multilingual in over 100 languages, and can respond in real time to as many users and questions as you can throw at them!


We support three major Xperience categories:

  • Discovery – Marketing Virtual Assistants that turn Suspects to Prospects.
  • Decision – Sales Virtual Assistants that turn Prospects into Customers.
  • Delight – Customer Service Virtual Assistants that turn Customers into Ambassadors.


In these categories,  we then deliver Vertical solutions (i.e. Fintech, HomeBuilder, Brand, HigherEd) which include industry domain expertise, skills, and vernacular, and context.

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