Voca Conversational IVR for Teams


Voca is an agile Conversational IVR application designed built for the Microsoft Teams voice system

Meet AudioCodes Voca – an Agile Conversational IVR application for Microsoft Teams, designed to make calling delightful again!

With an innovative experience for callers, Voca upgrades a simple touchtone IVR experience to a Conversational one, letting calling customers to talk their way through the IVR menu. 

With the Voca for Teams application, IT can manage the entire voice system, including IVRs, all under the Teams hood. Voca supports multi-tenancy with role-based access for multi-site scenarios, leveraging the company's existing Direct Routing SBC.

Contact us today for more details on how you can easily upgrade your main line with an advanced Conversational IVR experience!

** Currently, the Voca application is available on Microsoft Teams desktop clients only (not supported on mobile devices)

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