Avanade Manufacturing Copilot

by Avanade, Inc.

Empower factory workers with the ‘ask-an-expert’ capabilities of Avanade Manufacturing copilot.

Introducing Avanade Manufacturing Copilot

Empower factory workers with the combined intelligence from your OT and IT systems with Avanade Manufacturing copilot. Powered by Microsoft Manufacturing Data Solutions in Fabric (MDS), this ground-breaking new solution enables you to overcome your OT-IT data accessibility and utilization challenges and leverage AI at scale to make higher-quality products faster with less waste.

In manufacturing environments, key information is siloed within different IT business applications (e.g. ERP (Enterprise Resource Management), SCM (Supply Chain Management)) and OT applications (e.g. MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems), QMS (Quality Management Systems), CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Systems)) on a global basis. Avanade Manufacturing copilot enables you to use a unified IT-OT data estate to enable AI to understand manufacturing data, processes, equipment, suppliers and products across different source systems.

Our Avanade Manufacturing copilot offer includes:

  • (Gen)AI readiness services for production operations

Enable and accelerate the identification of the right value levers, assess your (Gen)AI readiness maturity and support successful value realization and transformation with our manufacturing copilot and MDS services.

  • Manufacturing ecosystem integration for a unified IT-OT data estate

Accelerated data integration, mapping and contextualization – utilizing Fabric connectors and ISV solutions – to create a unified IT-OT data estate in MDS. Customize your production operations definitions, relationships and entities.

  • Manufacturing copilot experiences – pilot implementation

Leverage (Gen)AI at scale for specific factory worker personas with key use case clusters (e.g. production planning, maintenance or quality) to create additional business value.

Solve your business challenges.

Avanade Manufacturing copilot enables you to move towards a world of integrated supply chain and production management with more autonomous operations where processes can take place with minimal human intervention in more sustainable ways. This is vital to overcome problems with worker and skills shortages against a backdrop of rising demand from a growing population and climate change.

Avanade Manufacturing copilot can be applied for use cases like:

  • Asset maintenance
  • Bill of Material (BOM) management (product engineering)
  • Production performance optimization
  • Shift handover meetings

Client experience

Key steps include:

  • Optional Step 1 (1-2 weeks): Ideation — use case workshop and maturity assessment.
  • Step 2 (1 week): Discovery — workshops to pinpoint pilot use case details.
  • Step 3 (1 week): Preparation of the technical environment.
  • Step 4 (5-6 weeks): Implementation and testing.
  • Optional Step 5 (Ongoing weeks): Support to prepare for AI at scale..

*Pricing will vary based on the scope of the engagement.

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