xTrack POD (Proof of Delivery)

by Axes Software

Proof of Delivery

Intuitive Interface

The main component of the xTrack POD application is the one through which drivers confirm the activities they carry out in the field.

One of the main challenges in developing this application was to create an intuitive user interface so that, even if a freight forwarder keeps changing the drivers it works with, the application should not require them to complete training periods in order to learn how to use it.

The simple and intuitive way in which the application works is a very important xTrack POD feature.


We are experts in developing software applications that break the activities pertaining to various logistics workflows down into specific tasks which we call “generic tasks”. The tasks in xTrack POD are used in the same way they are used in our xTrack WMS application. Thus, complex workflows whereby deliveries or pick-ups are confirmed can be implemented through different types of tasks.

The flexibility of the application does not reduce its intuitive character.

POD (Proof of Delivery)/POP (Proof of Pick-up)

POD (Proof of Delivery) refers to delivery, and POP (Proof of Pickup) focuses on pick-up of goods. Our application can be used for both operations, independently or in combination. If the application is used for both operations, a driver can receive successive pick-up or delivery tasks. Loading and unloading list data can be imported from an external system, such as a TMS application. The workflow of activities (tasks) to be performed by drivers applies to the list of route stops, and the tasks to be executed are automatically sent to them.


The xTrack POD application integrates seamlessly with the applications in our xTrack suite. The most commonly used xTrack POD integration is with the Transport Management application, xTrack TMS, from which xTrack POD automatically receives more data regarding, for example, the order in which deliveries are made or the times when the loading / unloading activities should start and end. xTrack TMS also provides information on the estimated times which can later be compared with the actual times.

However, we do not overlook interfaces with other systems similar to those in our xTrack suite or with ERP applications where the data is usually entered manually.


When you carry out your transportation operations, there may be cases when the GPRS 3G / 4G / 5G signal is non-existent not only in rural areas, but also in densely-populated urban areas. This should not hinder or prevent the use of the xTrack POD application. Our application has been designed to automatically switch to the offline mode, and the driver can thus carry on his delivery activities even if the delivery is made in a basement, in front of the store or at the home of end customers.

The user does not have to make any changes in the system configuration. The application does not require installing or configuring to operate in the offline mode as the synchronization is done automatically.

KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

The main purpose of a POD application is that of measuring the performance of any type of transport operations. Performance refers, first of all, to driver performance, but, at a higher level, it is also about the performance of the company the drivers work for. Such performance indicators can be easily defined because any task that a driver performs has several time intervals that can be compared later: the desired time period, the estimated time and the actual time they have spent to confirm deliveries with mobile devices. Each task is measurable in terms of performance time by the difference between its start time and end time. Such data becomes very useful in measuring driver performance.

What are the benefits of a POD solution?

  • Over 97% delivery information accuracy
  • 100% automation of delivery confirmation processes
  • No installation on drivers’ mobile terminals required
  • Configurability for any workflow
  • Both online and offline operation
  • Intuitive application – it does not require training
  • No special hardware configurations for mobile devices required
  • Possibility of use for pick-up of goods from suppliers (POP)
  • Use of application for issuing receipts and invoices in the field

xTrack POD modules

xTrack POD tasks have a concept similar to those presented in the xTrack WMS application. Here, too, the tasks are basic elements in the confirmation of deliveries and / or pick-ups of goods.
A task has several characteristics:
  • desired execution interval;
  • expected execution interval;
  • actual execution interval.
All these periods can be the basis for defining performance indicators.

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