by Axes Software

Transport Management System

xTrack TMS addresses the needs of distribution, courier and logistics companies, focusing on automation and optimization of operational flows related to the transport of goods and people. The xTrack TMS application provides warehouse optimization algorithms, which, in close connection with other optimization algorithms, can perform the ETA (Estimated Date of Arrival) calculation with errors of a few minutes. Predictability in any business is an important success factor, and xTrack TMS users can offer it to their customers.


  • Significant reduction in transport costs
  • Reducing the number of cars by at least 25%
  • Reducing the number of km by at least 30%
  • Reduction of working time for drivers by 20%
  • Real-time order reporting and analysis
  • It integrates with any WMS and ERP
  • Optimal route planning according to selected criteria

Axes Software

Founded in 2005, Axes Software is the oldest Romanian company specialized in providing software and hardware solutions to ensure efficient supply chain management (Supply Chain Management). The company’s field of activity focuses on the development of complex software applications such as WMS and TMS in order to provide a high degree of automation of flows of goods and services within companies with different activity profiles such as: production, logistics (3PL), courier, distribution, e-commerce, health, HORECA, chain stores and others.


DSV Solutions Romania uses two of the applications developed by Axes Software, xTrack WMS and xTrack TMS. And we are all satisfied with the results. We in the transport department have visibly improved the quality of the services we provide to our customers, providing them with transparent information and responding promptly to all requests. Of course, all this has become a daily reality due to the functionality and stability of the xTrack TMS application, which has provided us with significant support, necessary for the fast and smooth development of logistics activities.

(Cătălin Papuc, Transport Director, DSV Solutions) 

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