Carizma First - Document Automation by AXICOS

by axicos Deutschland GmbH

Carizma First – easy creation of high quality, compliant documents


Carizma First – automated creation of high quality, compliant documentsWith Carizma First you can automatically create recurrent documents, such as contracts, rental agreements, quotations and invoices, quickly and efficiently, whether you are experienced or not.

Using a straightforward questionnaire, selection of the correct template and inclusion of all appropriate data and parameters is ensured.

Carizma First automatically makes a risk assessment of the created document and initiates workflows for further review/approval where necessary, ensuring compliance and mitigation of risks while guaranteeing both precision and speed.

Carizma First = Document creation simplified

Key features

  •  Assurance that only approved templates are available for document creation
  •  Data plausibility check
  •  Automatic review/approval workflows – responsible department, e.g. legal remains in controls
  •  Minimal training required
  •  MS-Word templates, no plug-in needed

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