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Drone-in-a-box solution for surveillance and inspection

Skeyetech system is a drone-in-a-box solution designed by Azur Drones to enhance security and support operations over sensitive sites. 

Thanks to its docking station, Skeyetech drone is operational 24/7 to carry out specific checks, perimeter patrols, inspection missions or assist in crisis situations. Skeyetech is one of the most deployed drone-in-a-box systems in the world. It is currently operated by over 150 users on the most sensitive sites in Europe and the Middle East (Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Ports, chemistry, Smart Cities…).

Skeyetech offers mobility, higher responsiveness, superior visual capabilities, thermal imaging, as well as protection of people. It easily integrates into existing security features and requires no certified remote pilot.

Thanks to Microsoft Azure, Skeyetech system became an intelligent and connected IOT endpoint. Skeyetech autonomously collects and sends aerial data to the cloud for analysis. Valuable insights reports like vehicle predictive maintenance or video highlights are generated in the cloud during and after each flight.

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