OneVuex Unified Systems for Business

by Bass International Software

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AI Integration for greater productivity, operational efficiencies, and security at the speed of AI

OneVuex is an AI Powered Digital Knowledge Network and Productivity Platform that intelligently integrates Microsoft and other vendor applications and platforms (on-premises and cloud), displaying automated related results, all within a single interface. OneVuex creates automated relationships between data, files, emails, contacts, conversations, and other sources of internal and external information and technologies, based on user activity, empowering users to generate ideas, content, and insights and complete time-consuming tasks at the speed of AI. OneVuex's advanced security, incorporating Zero Trust architectures, safeguards your data, systems, people, and devices at machine speed. With OneVuex, productivity increases by at least 50%, IT maintenance and expenses are greatly reduced, and businesses experience tremendous operational efficiencies. Welcome to the Future of Work.

Benefits of OneVuex:

  • OneVuex also integrates platforms like SQL, Oracle, Salesforce, IBM technology, and other industry standard databases and platforms for complete data transparency.
  • OneVuex integrates AI with the use of natural language and large language models to automatically find related content across connected applications, platforms, cloud environments, and databases with AI Generated Composition which practically eliminates the need to search. Users no longer must remember filenames or file locations, saving enormous amounts of time and results are summarized with connections to sources provided.

  • OneVuex Praxis integrates GenAI with our Code Integration Technology so users can quickly capture related content. Unlike other AI technologies that just source the internet, OneVuex Praxis sources the internet and your internal files, data, digital subject cards, AI generated topics pages, emails and other content all connected within the OneVuex Interface.

  • OneVuex integrates Microsoft Copilot which drives productivity and creativity, summarizes key points, drafts new documents, creates stunning presentations, and more. OneVuex expands the scope of Microsoft Copilot to content outside of M365 for greater insights.
  • OneVuex reduces the complexity of AI adoption by automatically categorizing, organizing, and creating data relationships between information residing in different applications, databases, and multi-cloud environments which are required steps to setup typical AI technology adoption processes. OneVuex automatically prepares your data, files, and information for you.

  • OneVuex provides integrated collaboration for fast and effortless sharing of relevant information.
  • OneVuex’s AI creates digital subject cards that automatically connect related content in all file types, folders, emails, topic pages, contacts, and more so users can find everything they need in just one click.

  • OneVuex incorporates everything from data movement to data science, real-time stream analytics, and BI from internal and external sources providing an accurate view of your organization in customized dashboards.
  • OneVuex provides multiple security layers: MFA, SSO, and Secure Device Sign-on
  • OneVuex integrates Microsoft security and Zero Trust architecture that prevents, detects, and remediates attacks across identities, endpoints, apps, email, data, and cloud apps at machine speed.

What You Get with OneVuex

  • OneVuex Praxis License
  • OneVuex Configuration Services
  • Microsoft 365 E3 or E5
  • Microsoft Graph
  • Microsoft Copilot
  • Microsoft Azure AI
  • Microsoft Power Virtual Agent
  • Microsoft Power Automate
  • Microsoft SP Advance Mgt
  • Microsoft Syntex
  • Microsoft Entra
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Power BI Pro
  • Data Fabric
  • Integration of existing email accounts for all users
  • Translation Services
  • Complete System Security
  • Leveled Access Security (per user)
  • Migration and Custom Setup
  • Technical, Implementation and Sales Consulting Support – Managed by Microsoft

OneVuex accelerates your AI journey with less complexity, providing greater innovation, employee productivity, optimized processes and security, and enhanced customer experiences. Welcome to the Future of Work.

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