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Behavee s.r.o.

Behavee is tracking and recommendation service for e-commerce

Behavee is an online, omni-channel, B2B solution, which maps the complete customer digital journey on all channels, and provides the real-time, hyper-personalized product and content recommendations and predictions. Thanks to dynamic micro segmentation and precise targeting, Behavee increases the company upsell and conversion rate, and decreases the cost of marketing.

Behavee opens the concept of hyper-personalization for developing of disruptive customer targeting in any company.

  • 1. INCREASING UPSELL - Behavee uses predictive purchase behavior modelling and provides offers with bigger propensity to buy. The offer  can contain the larger scale of products and services, chosen by customer behavior and actual needs.
  • 2. CONVERTION RATE IMPROVEMENT - Behavee considers the behavior of each of your customer and targets him by personalized  product or service. Real-time personalization keeps the customer attention and pulls him deeply to purchase process.
  • 3. MARKETING OPTIMIZATION - Behavee identifies customers with common behavior and categorizes them  to micro-segments. It helps company to separate non-buyers from marketing campaigns and significantly decreases marketing costs.
  • Use Behavee to target your Customers with hyper-personalized product offers and content recommendation. Behavee recommends goods, services or content based on an individual understanding of users digital behavior. Our algorithms are constantly improved via machine learning - every new transaction creates patterns and increases exponentially the data validity. Behavee is open platform, tool for developers, e-shop providers, suppliers of marketing services in e-commerce, system integrators providing solutions for e-commerce (banks, insurance companies,..), CRM providers.
  • Behavee offers:
  •  Efficient Tracking tools
  •  Real time analytical tools
  •  Complete Customer Journey including products and revenue
  •  Heatmaps
  •  Session Recording
  •  Dynamic Micro- Segments Creation
  •  Recommendation based on AI engine and in real time
  • API connectors

Behevee works on SaaS principal, there is a fee for usage measured by Number of page views (see price list at Partners can use it to provide their services with added value to customers and create or extend their own business.