OpenCities Planner

by Bentley Systems, Incorporated

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City-scale Digital Twin Planning and Visualization Software

OpenCities™ Planner Bentley's OpenCities Planner is a cloud-based service that enables visualization of CAD, BIM, and GIS data in a 3D world. You can design, visualize, and communicate projects from large-scale city developments to detailed engineering designs. OpenCities Planner is completely web based.

OpenCities Planner capabilities combined with Bentley’s reality modeling offerings make city-scale digital twins broadly accessible. Synchronizing reality and “virtuality”, OpenCities Planner offers the perfect web solution to enable every city government in going digital.

Scalable for all organization types from individual planners, GIS engineers to city governments and larger organizations.


Visualize Everything
Visualize large-scale projects spanning entire cities down to street level when streaming reality meshes, terrain models, and semantic 3D city models, such as CityGML.

Sketch, Analyze, and Export from 3D Cities
Create, visualize, and analyze planning options using 3D modeling and shadow analysis by dragging an object to the map from the 3D library and exporting in 3D to continue detailed design in a third-party BIM or CAD application.

Import CAD, GIS, and Web Services
Import detailed 3D models and place them in the 3D world by adding images, vector data, and documents to communicate your project, and connect with WMS to add GIS layers to the presentation.

Share Projects and Crowdsource Ideas
Provide access to internal stakeholders as well as contractors and city residents to give them the opportunity to submit comments, and respond to surveys and polls to capture valuable input from a wider audience.

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