MRP Planning Tool


MRP tool to understand the raw material availability, and forecast and plan for order based purchase

Is the delivery of your shipment being postponed due to a shortage of raw materials? Streamline and optimize your raw material planning with Factovize MRP Tool.

Material requirements planning (MRP) tool is an integrated inventory and internal supply chain planning application which helps manufacturers to forecast raw materials in order to balance supply and demand.

Key Features

Full Visibility: Gain actionable insights into raw material requirements, demand forecasting, and inventory levels to make informed decisions on resource needs.
Forecasting RM: Leverage customer orders, minimum inventory criteria, or recurring periodic orders to predict and plan for inventory consumption.
Shipment Tracking: Have a better understanding of inventory status, encompassing its location and anticipated arrival in your industry to predict work order completion time.

Key Benefits

Cost Savings: Optimize raw material procurement and reduce excess inventory, leading to substantial cost savings for your manufacturing business.
Efficient Resource Utilization: Ensure optimal resource allocation with intelligent insights, minimizing waste and maximizing the efficiency of your manufacturing processes.
Scalability for Growth: MRP tool scales seamlessly to accommodate the evolving needs of your business. Grow confidently with a tool that adapts to your expanding manufacturing operations.

Why MRP?

Material requirements planning (MRP) tool provides a consolidated view of demand, scheduling and inventory requirements for manufacturing and purchasing needs. This aims to track raw material stop, WIP, Finished goods and the raw material orders and shipment of RM.
Poor planning for the raw material leads to too much inventory in stock or failure to meet demand because of raw material shortage and disruptions in production cycle. With MRP tool in hand, manufacturers can plan and schedule production skilfully, making sure materials move through the work order faster and meet customer orders on time. The order tracking and shipment tracking will help plan for orders that fall for next 24 to 36 months or even longer.

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