Work-in-Progress (WIP) Manager


Work in progress tracking tool to digitally monitor the semi finished product movement in shop floor

Are you struggling to control WIP in your production line? Digitally track your product movement and avoid delivery delays with Factovize WIP Manager.

WIP Manager is a fully digitized Work-in-progress tracking tool that helps manufacturers to digitally track raw material, semi-finished, and finished product movement at each level of the manufacturing process.

Key Features

Complete Visibility: Gain insights into your manufacturing workflow, from raw materials to finished products, ensuring you're always in control.
Analyze Rejections, Rework & Scrap: Enabling a comprehensive analysis of rejections, rework, and scrap during the production process. Identify opportunities to re-process rejected raw materials, minimizing wastage.
Setting WIP Limits: Fine-tune and manage workloads at each production stage by setting limits to the WIP based on cost, count, and number of days of work.
Analyze Historical Data: Records every material movement, providing a comprehensive history for administrators to gain a deeper understanding of the material flow, enabling informed decisions for optimizing productivity.

Key Benefits

Increased Efficiency: WIP Manager optimizes your work-in-progress tracking, reducing bottlenecks and improving overall efficiency.
Enhanced Decision-Making: Real-time analytics and insights empower you to make informed decisions, driving continuous improvement.
Control Operational Expenses (Opex): setting WIP limits streamlines operational expenses by promoting resource efficiency, reducing holding costs, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Why WIP Manager?

WIP Manager helps in tracking everything that takes place between raw material start and order accomplishment. The main objective is to keep WIP moving proficiently, prevent the accumulation of surplus inventories, and support numerous production preferences concurrently.
Product semi finished and finished but not shipped is a major cost for any manufacturing company both in terms of raw material consumption and dead inventory. Companies loose track of material movement and over produce products. But the management of the Work in progress is very much mis managed with the wrong tools such as excel / paper sheets due to the lack of transparency and complexity in streamlining the data.
The WIP Manager application provides a overall visibility on the entire flow of process on the shop floor. With the better management of WIP, manufacturing industries could reduce their operational expenses finally leading to a better profitability.

About Bevywise Networks Inc

Bevywise Networks is an IoT Solution provider providing comprehensive IoT solutions with its own IoT frameworks like MQTT Broker and IoT platform and also focuses on Industry 4.0 solutions to establish connectivity in manufacturing processes.

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