eBA Workflow & Document Management

by Bimser Cozum

Digital Process Automation, Workflows and Document Management for Paperless Office

eBA Workflow Management System is a system that carries business processes into electronic environment rapidly and by integrating it with other enterprise systems raises the profitability of the enterprises and extends process-driven understanding. Workflow softwares are the solutions that improves business process performance and makes contribution to efficient use of enterprise resources by ensuring enterprise standardization and automation.

Workflow system circulates the works among tables, offices and locations digitally and removes the concept of distance. They remind the works that are not completed in time and can direct them to other people. They are the followers of the work processes in the management by means of properties such as taking smart actions circumstantially. Workflow practices are the software solutions in our time that have highest recycle. Contrary to document management system workflow management systems manage the dynamic contended enterprise information by integrated them with operational systems.

eBA platform can easily manage integrations among the different practices (by various ERP sofwares) by strong API support. Business process management can be used easily by mobile devices. The mobile technology and web based features of the solution makes users office independent. So users can manage business processes everywhere. eBA has been developed by using new technologies and disputed software solution in process automation solutions.

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