buildwagon - Hololens Development Platform

by BinariesLid LTEE

A cloud based development platform for the Hololens

Development for the Hololens is 10X faster, web based, using Javascript. platform allows you to write code in Javascript and view the results either on the same screen or directly on the Hololens. Your code is hosted on the cloud, which allows multiple developers to collaborate on the same project from different locations around the globe. The Hololens development library provides you with ready-made components to expedite your creation process and gives you access to Hololens special features.

Key benefits:

  • There is almost no learning curve to get started developing.
  • Develop using any computer that can run a browser.
  • Get started using our emulator, even without a Hololens device.
  • Write your code and check the result on the Hololens or your browser instantly.
  • Benefit from a short develop-build-test time.
  • Build hololens apps the same way you build web applications using JavaScript.
  • Gain all the benefits of the web: making your application searchable, linkable with low friction and no installation required.
  • Share your built app with anyone by sending them just the project link.
  • Access to a support line with the people who built the platform to help you with your development problems.

Get started with Hololens development

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