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Folksonomy Advance Data Analytics


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Folksonomy Text Analysis

Folksonomy is a next-generation tagging system that allows you to mine your data sets and instantly gives you the information you’re looking for.

With massive archives of structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data, our folksonomy system applies intelligent tags to your data so you can get immediate answers to any query.

Our Folksonomy algorithms are the next generation of taxonomy. They work by finding repetitions in your databases and identify what is important to tag, creating easy paths for you to search through.

Our intelligent algorithms also account for errors and doubled content by scanning for differing variations of the same item to tag, ensuring consistently high performance.


-Get insights from non-structured data
-Bottom-up tag definition
-Fast processing
-Quick and easy implementation
-Real-time restructuring for different uses
-Advanced search engine even non-technical users can use