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Advanced Threat Protection for OneDrive


BitDam protects OneDrive from advanced threats.

Making OneDrive safe to click, BitDam helps enterprises take full advantage of all that OneDrive has to offer while delivering advanced threat protection against content-borne attacks. Showing unmatched detection rates, BitDam protects your enterprise OneDrive from malware of any type, preventing hardware and logical exploits, ransomware, spear-phishing and Zero-Day attacks.

BitDam’s unique technological approach is focused on the standard applications that open malicious files and links (such as – MS Office, Chrome, Safari etc.), which makes it attack-agnostic, allowing the detection of both known or unknown malware while requiring no security updates. Every file that is uploaded to the cloud storage is scanned, so that other users can view and download clean files only.

Key Benefits

  • Preventing malicious files from being clicked
  • 2-click integration with OneDrive
  • Quarantine malicious file
  • External folder flagging
  • Historical Scan of files and folders stored in the cloud drive

BitDam’s Advanced Threat Protection is deployed by leading organizations in Europe and the US, empowering end-users to collaborate safely.