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Looking for a complete online court solution which helps you to go paper less?

The objective of eJustice is to provide designated services to litigants, lawyers and the judiciary by universal computerization of courts in the country. eJustice manages the cases online from end to end with some dynamic and unique functionalities.

Court Users will have uninterrupted access to the registries as well as to the documents filed by lawyers and actions directed by the judges.

Dynamic case approvals, form management and visibility of case documents to the subjective representatives using decentralized block chain storage.

It boosts the speed and accuracy of the service from complex management system requiring heavy data entry to access the documents and direct communication with registry.

eJustice services is interoperable with all the solutions in the Microsoft suite. Thanks to the flexibility of the cloud, it is a highly scalable solution, ready to grow with you when you’re ready.

With eJustice services

  • File a claim online and get notification via emails
  • Online payment system for various court related charges.
  • Maintenance of case records in a single file.
  • Judgement visibility update to the subjective users.

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