by Blockchain Certified Data SAS

Certifies your diplomas on the blockchain in a heartbeat

BCdiploma digitizes your diplomas in the safest way possible. In a heartbeat, your graduates can prove the authenticity of their obtained diplomas and share their success with the world!

It’s time to protect your brand image & the value of your diplomas!

Accelerate your digital transformation: In a digital world, BCdiploma allows you to dematerialize your certificates using an automatic process.

Strengthen your brand image: Using our technology to certify your diplomas strengthen your brand image as it shows innovation is in your DNA.

Create a trusting environment: With 2 out of 3 resumes being fraudulent and background checking being inevitable, BCdiploma gives you the opportunity to build a relationship of trust with your applicants, alumni and partners.

Be the leader of “student experience”: Thanks to native integration on LinkedIn, your graduates will be able to give a tangible proof of the education they received and get hired!

Make sure all data are safe: The blockchain has advanced safety features. Not only will your data be entirely safe, they will also be accessible at all times.

Save valuable time: Your certificates will be automatically generated using your own encrypted data. No need to answer recruiters phone calls!

With BCdiploma, boost your graduates’ employability in 3 easy steps:

  1. Upload all diploma-related data on the blockchain using our app or our API
  2. Every student gets a secured link or QR Code, shareable on social media, resumes and job boards
  3. In just one click, recruiters can check the authenticity of the student’s diploma and hire your graduates!

Certified diplomas in a heartbeat

  • Upload as many certificates as you want, multilingual and 100% customizable!
  • Encrypted documents on the blockchain with unlimited access, that meet the criteria of data protection laws

Join the BCdiploma community and enter the blockchain era!

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