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Power your brand on social media with the best speaker: your employees.

However, how to involve this valuable asset in the social media strategy of the brand?

The opinion of employees is the company’s most influential voice in social networks

The answer is BeAmbassador, the SaaS Platform that allows you to increase the organic reach of your brand in social media, attract talent to your company and boost you social sales through employees' social networks.

Features BeAmbassador:      

  • Allows you to create a  network of brand ambassadors   through a system of issuing and managing invitations.
  • Segment the ambassadors by categories.
  • In the  content library, the brand proposes publications that ambassadors can share voluntarily.
  • The  automatic planning engine allows the brand to program content directly on behalf of ambassadors with prior authorization.
  • Analytics allows the brand to monitor ambassador activity in real time and analyze the imp