wxRemote SaaS


High speed and high quality - secure, collaborative remote desktop software (up to 4K or "Lossless")

wxRemote is a cloud-based streamer that delivers high quality desktop experience with no visible lag. wxRemote can produce UHD, 4K, or even "lossless" quality endpoint experience over the internet. 
Quick to implement and scale. Enjoy a free 30 day trial, then purchase a monthly/annual subscription.

Turbo-charge speeds of remote desktop applications with enterprise grade software. Get one of the World’s fastest lossless 4K streaming engines. Compatible with Windows, Chromebook, macOS, Linux Secure deployment through HTML5 browser or native client with infinite scalability and transparent pricing


Why wxRemote

Our software streams desktops and applications from a server to a browser running on a variety of devices. Since there is only a video stream no actual data is exchanged. This allows users to interact with applications and data remotely yet no digital data is actually downloaded to the user’s device. All files and data remain within fully host controlled environments. Users can be given their own accounts hosted on bare metal (real) or virtual machines which are fully visible to and controllable by the host at all times.

Key benefits:

  • High resolution performance up to 4K @30-60fps

  • Ultra low latency with high efficiency encode and decode

  • Client free. No browser extension or add installation required

  • Secure as no data exchanged. The user’s device receives an encoded video stream and sends back encoded keyboard strokes/mouse movements. Underlying data file never transmitted

  • No trace Zero footprint on client. No cookies or content left on client access machine

  • Multi Device Multi Screen Supports any applications running on Windows, Chromebook Linux, macOS. No modifications of applications needed, including legacy applications

  • Due to the usage of standard web protocols widely deployed authentication/authorization mechanisms based on web protocols (like SAML or OAuth) are easy to integrate

  • Supports seamless collaboration. 2 or more users can collaborate on a single desktop application in real time

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