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VSTS Solution Template (Beta Version)

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Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and Power BI Solution Template

Gain Total Visibility Into Your Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) Projects

A lack of clarity in your project portfolio will put you in reactive mode and will increase anxiety for your team. Recover your quality of work by instantly identifying where resources are overloaded and what issues are most commonly hindering progress. As a project lead, you need to ensure on-time delivery (or at least the earliest possible warnings that a project is at risk) and protect your sanity.

When your whole team can see how it's performing, from a high level down to work-item details by project, resource, and stage, they'll take more ownership of their work and gain back the sense of control and calm needed to perform at their best.

Take advantage of this VSTS Solution Template to instantly connect to your VSTS and gain immediate answers to questions such as:

  • What's my progress by project and across the portfolio?
  • What is my distribution of Work Items by resource, project, and task stage?
  • What percent of my Work Items are bugs, epics, features, issues, tasks, or case studies?
  • What is the ratio of my Work Items by stage (Closed, Open, Resolved, etc.)?
  • Which Work Items are outstanding, by employee, project, and date?

Quickly identify Work Items that are past due, the resources assigned to them, and the projects in danger of falling behind.

View Key Performance Metrics by story points, work complete, work remaining, and estimates.

Dig into project bugs and figure out in what stages they predominantly appear, their severity, and who is responsible for resolving them.

Development should be intentional and methodical, not reactive and frantic. VSTS captures your project data and manages your workflow. Our VSTS Solution Template completes the picture by giving you instant, automatically-updated visibility into project data, resources, and progress.

This VSTS Solution Template (Beta Version) is offered at no cost.