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boxxstep BRM SaaS


Close more deals with Boxxstep Account and Relationship Mapping

Track and visualise who's involved in the decision process and what's important to them

B2B sales are complex because there are so many people involved in the decision process.

The typical buyer team is now 9-10 contacts, focusing just on the C suite or key decision makers is no longer effective. There are others that contribute to consensus based decision making.

To be successful in B2B sales today means we have to identify, engage with and understand everyone involved.

Here’s how Boxxstep helps you to manage and navigate your prospects buyer teams.


The average salesperson will have between 200-400 opportunity buyer team contacts, that’s a lot to know about a lot of people. It's impossible to remember who has what roles, who they report to, the internal dynamics and politics between them and why.

Boxxstep’s highly visual organigrams help you to understand what you need to do and with whom.

More than org charts

Boxxstep’s contact cards display what you need to see.

  • Relationship status and if you're connected on LinkedIn
  • The key stakeholders, business problem owners and your internal Champions
  • Contact roles and who they prefer, plus their view on change and their buying/spend power
  • Accessibility to them and the Steps you have planned to improve your position with them


Every contact has a say in the decision outcome. Boxxstep’s contact profiles captures what`s important to them.

  • Their pain or gain from the change
  • Their objections, challenges and priorities
  • The criteria or concerns associated with their input, recommendation or decision
  • What value they would get from choosing you, business, functional or personal.
  • How they feel about your competitors

Team sport

Salespeople work with and rely on colleagues to support them in their sales engagements.

Boxxstep enables you to create, share and review with other users.

Better deal reviews

Many deal reviews consist of conflicting or contradictory information and can expose a sales person’s lack of true knowledge and understanding in an opportunity.

Using Boxxstep creates more concise, structured and informative reviews.

Salespeople can come and go

When salespeople leave momentum is lost because what they know about a prospect goes with them and their replacement has to start again.

Boxxstep captures the information that enables replacement salespeople to maintain momentum.

Boxxstep focuses on opportunities from the buyer’s perspective

Using Boxxstep can help you to improve:

  • qualification
  • forecasting
  • close rates
  • coaching

and maintain momentum when salespeople leave.