Enterprise Brobot

by brainless AB

Are you looking to jumpstart your digital customer dialog?

Do you want to increase your customer service levels, always be available to answer everything your customers and employees wonder about? Are you looking to understand and quantify bot benefits and cost of ownership? Or is it time to jump in and test what a digital colleague can achieve – because it is the future?

Realizing that companies that manage to help their customers 24/7/365 while adapting its services to the customer's preferences will have a competitive advantage is hardly a topic to discuss. And internally, a bot makes following procedures as easy as it should be, whether it is risk reporting, a screening or reference interview or any other repetitive task – and a bot does it around the clock.

The sooner you learn how to hold a digital conversation with your customers the faster you will reap that competitive advantage. Additionally, you will very soon understand how to further improve the dialog, as well as the service it represents. Brainless’ business-bot is a platform that can help you start that learning process quickly and with very limited effort.

You get a true ”brobot”, that can show emotions, vary its language, manage a few well contained conversations and of course respond to all questions it has been taught.

The enterprise version is installed in your Azure environment, and includes and MIT license of the source code, giving you full freedom to integrate the bot with your own processes and systems. The package includes three half day workshops where we go through the code with your team to give everyone the best possible start. You maintain full control and can ensure all company policies and regulations are implemented.

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