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Voice of Customer For Social Media Intelligence


Handles unstructured public data to evaluate user needs & insights for brand & reputation management

Turning Noises to Actionable Insights

Traditionally companies have been constrained from voice of few consumers using methods like focus group sessions, contextual inquires, interviews, etc. Brillio’s Voice of Customer for Social Media Intelligence solution converts mere voices into meaningful narratives which recognizes consumers’ personal needs and wants and delivers insights to gain business edge with product / service innovation. It mines and analyzes ‘unstructured’ consumer data from various sources such as social media and customer forums channels using state-of-the-art Azure ML text analytics algorithms.

Key Benefits:

  • Higher velocity of engagement: Achieving higher levels of engagement in varied areas
  • Product Development Improvements: Understanding the critical feedback/opinions of customers quickly aids in bringing new products or tweaking existing ones for higher satisfaction and appeal
  • Improved Customer Segmentation: The identification of patterns can help discover more accurately to specific segments
  • People Satisfaction: Accurate Prediction for retention and attrition