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advanced planning and scheduling,industrial Internet cloud platform

This application is available only in Chinese。The core concept is combined international leading algorithm technology with intelligent manufacturing management. Bugong Soft focus on system design and algorithm research, and cooperate with many research institutions at universities and colleges such as University of Toronto, University of Tokyo, Nanyang Technological University, Zhejiang University, Sichuan University, etc., to solve many problems about the company operation, production and market from thousands of enterprises around the world. Bugong Soft has been independently developed the world's leading algorithms for many years, and has successfully invented Bugong intelligent supply chain collaborative production management system, Bugong collaborative industrial supply chain collaborative intelligent manufacturing cloud platform and industrial Internet cloud platform. The core team is composed of professional experts from North America and Europe, who are dedicated to algorithm and system research, as well as management and technical experts from global top companies such as SAP, Siemens, DuPont, Dingjie and Kingdee. Value Increase:Optimize production planning, monitor production, and intelligent management standardization;Upgrade internal management , Reduce production costs;Smart supply chain coordination to achieve integration of supply, production and sales;Active intelligent manufacturing to build an industry eco-chain of enterprise innovation ;Brand strategic layout, Transform from "Manufacturing" to "Creation";Link broad B2B, B2C platform, Market globalization。