C-Facts - Control center for public cloud

by C-Facts B.V.

We put business management in the driver’s seat of Public Cloud Cost Management

We put business management in the driver's seat of Public Cloud Cost Management with our C-Facts Control Center

We are not just another IT-tool!

Everything (business) management needs to govern their Public Cloud Spend is available in the C‑Facts management control center:

·       Get insight across cloud services to mitigate business risk,

·       Gain control of the costs of multiple cloud services and commercial models,

·       Optimize your cloud footprint.

Whether you are using one specific Public Cloud with one subscription, multiple subscriptions in the same Public Cloud, or have adopted a Multi-Cloud solution, we have you covered with a single pane of glass.

Do you have shared resources to allocate correctly to multiple cost centers? Then use the percentage-based cost allocation.

Share data and dashboards with budget holders so they can take ownership of their cloud costs.

At C-Facts, we take away the pain of gathering and aggregating Public Cloud Usage by offering a ready-to-use Management Control Center.

With our easy and fast three-step onboarding process requiring minimal IT involvement, you will be up and running in no time.

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