C3 AI Energy Management


AI-Enabled Energy Management and Optimization to Reduce Energy Costs and Improve Building Operations

C3 AI Energy Management™ utilizes a machine-learning based approach to help enterprises gain visibility into their energy expenditure and prioritize actions to reduce their operational costs. The application leverages advanced AI and optimization algorithms to model building operations, detect anomalies, predict energy savings opportunities, and help facility managers take action in near real-time. C3 AI Energy Management is a self-service application that can be easily configured to address specific business user requirements such as alerts to building managers about energy use during non-operating hours.

C3 AI Energy Management creates a unified federated cloud image of data from all key sources, including energy data (e.g., meter readings, utility bills), site operational data (e.g., schedules, occupancy), telemetry signals from building systems (e.g., lighting, HVAC), and third-party data (e.g., building audits and weather). This unified data set enables multi-dimensional energy analysis, predictive analytics, building optimization, and anomalous performance monitoring. C3 AI Energy Management processes data in near real-time, performing continuous analyses, generating insights, and delivering recommendations through multi-channel solutions such as mobile alerts, email reports, and control signals directly to building equipment.

With a comprehensive view of data across many systems and AI-based algorithms running continuously at scale, C3 AI Energy Management empowers facility managers to optimize building operations, reduce utilities expenditure, and achieve sustainability objectives.

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