FieldTracker.42 - BIM 4D Viewer

by CAD.42

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The dynamic digital twin for your constrution site

The Fieldtracker.42 web application makes it possible to both process and view data from the field, as well as to specify business rules for processes related to safety, productivity, regulations and others.

The application is installable either on our servers or directly on the servers of our customers. In both cases, the platform is interfaceable with third party information systems via API whose documentation is provided to customers.

The Dashboard provides a quick view of the status of operations by displaying predefined key indicators

The viewer makes it possible to visualize its site in real time or in replay (only on the equipments and people equipped with connected object transmitting data).

The activation or deactivation of layers of the model is possible as well as the set of tools present in the standard autodesk viewer.

The event log displays all events in chronological order for a specified unit group. These events can be alerts or any other type of information that can be defined in the page " workflow "Explained below. When you have an event, it is possible to replay this event in the viewer to view it in the site environment.

The page " workflow »Makes it possible to define business processes according to the equipment (crane box type) or operators.

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