Teams Automation Solution

by Cambay Consulting LLC

Get the most of your Teams with Teams Automation Solution

Teams has become the hub for teamwork and a much-needed app for modern workplace collaboration. Teams have over 115 million active users and continue to drive the remote work and learning due to COVID-19. With the rapid adoption, enterprises continue to face the challenges of enabling automation, driving efficiency, and governance to Teams. This is where Teams Automation Solution can help.

Cambay, a Microsoft Managed Partner, has developed a teams automation solution to enhance IT collaboration, productivity, and increased overall efficiency without compromising on security and privacy.

Teams Automation solution will help you with:  

  1. Create Teams - Allows enterprises to automatically setup Teams based on business events and triggers, thereby saving IT departments time, and enhancing productivity levels. 
  2. Add Channels - Allows you to create and update new channels. Provide the display name and add a description. The solution also enables you to set the channel to be Private or Public and modify the channel settings as per the requirement. 
  3. Add users and admins - Automatically add and manage users or admin to the Team for instant and modern communication. Disable user access now and schedule deleting the user later.
  4. Archive Teams - Automatically archive Teams after a certain amount of inactivity. 
  5. Message – Post a welcome message.
  6. Integration - Integrate the third party apps

 Our Teams automation solution helps customers with different levels of Teams automation & accelerate their journey to a modern workplace with Teams as the hub for teamwork

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