by Can I Phish Pty Ltd

Simulate real-world threats and deliver a truly realistic employee training experience.

Headquartered in Queensland, Australia, CanIPhish was founded to create a better way to simulate phishing and deliver security awareness training to employees.

Our motto is simple. Trained employees, secure businesses.

Previously, legacy platforms have made the benefits of security awareness training, difficult, complicated and costly to achieve. Our self-service, easy-to-use platform is disrupting the market and is used by companies of all sizes across the world.

CanIPhish Cloud Platform Capabilities

  • Simulate Phishing Attacks: By providing an advanced phishing simulator, ready-to-go phishing email library, hosted phishing websites, and managed email servers.
  • Conduct Security Awareness Training: By providing a learning management system that has ready-to-go training modules that educate and quiz employees.
  • Conduct Dark Web Monitoring: Continuously monitoring dark web activity to identify where an employee email address appears in a public data dump, along with any other information stolen.

Integrate With Microsoft 365

Through the Graph API we can seamlessly sync employee information and inject emails directly into employee inboxes without the need for explicit allowlisting. Additionally, we can integrate with the Microsoft Report Phish/Message Plugin on Outlook or install our own proprietary plugin to allow employees to report suspected phishing emails.

Why Use CanIPhish?
We've seen first-hand how legacy vendors make it difficult to set up simulated phishing and security awareness training. That's why the team at CanIPhish has focused on creating a platform that removes complexity and empowers our customers. As part of this, CanIPhish offers a perpetual free tier designed to meet the needs of small business customers. It is also used as part of a no-commitment evaluation for any larger customers.

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