Cegid Retail Y2


Discover Shopping, the in-store multi-device omnichannel POS solution

Make more possible

How do retailers offer world-class service to discerning shoppers? Through world-class Retail Management and POS software solutions.

Designed for the needs of specialty and fashion retailers, Cegid empowers brands to provide a smooth and personalized shopping experience. By sharing a 360 view into each customer’s shopping journey, Cegid’s unified platform allows you to increase sales and accelerate customer loyalty across all channels with:

  • Omnichannel order management
  • Accurate inventory visibility
  • Digital and mobile POS solutions
  • CRM and retail analytics

Never miss a sale and seize new growth opportunities

with a frictionless shopping experience — in-store, online, anytime, everywhere in the world — Cegid’s global cloud-based platform for unified commerce & POS.


Our Clienteling module provides your sales associates with real-time customer data to cater to customer preferences

  • Inspire future purchases
  • Increase customer value
  • Strengthen brand loyalty
  • Retain your top customers
  • Capitalize on lifestyle needs and events


Our Shopping module empowers your store team to guide shoppers through their online, mobile and cross-channel journeys.

  • Connect the online and offline shopping experience
  • Increase convenience for omnishoppers on every channel
  • Gain insights in-store about the customer’s digital interactions with the brand
  • Help customers fulfill special item reservations and delivery requests


Provide a complete digital showroom to in-store shoppers with our Cataloging module, so you never miss a sale again.

  • Equip associates with a digital catalog of all inventory
  • Share persuasive product information and images with customers
  • Provide real-time views into stock availability
  • Increase basket size and stop brand defection

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