Fisica - Physical Inventory ERP Chatbot on Microsoft Teams

by Celebal Technologies Private Limited

A Tailored Inventory Management Chatbot for Frontline Workers to Track Warehouses in Real-Time

Fisica is a customized physical inventory chatbot on Microsoft Teams developed to eliminate the tedious job of tracking warehouses by frontline workers. The AI-powered virtual assistant integrates with ERP systems to manage bin counts in a warehouse and brings managers, supervisors, and store staff together to plan a bin count using a conversational interface. Furthermore, the digital agent holds the capability to generate necessary reports post the bin count is finished at the frontline worker’s end.

Key Features:

  • Persona-based access to enhance engagement among frontline workers
  • Modern user experience to amplify enterprise collaboration
  • Chat-based micro-analytics & intuitive flows for busy executives
  • Reports and visualizations displayed on the Chatbot
  • Impeccable integration with SAP with RBAC

At a glance