CellTrust SL2 SMB – Mobile Capture, Recordkeeping

by CellTrust

Compliant and secure mobile communication for regulated industries

Mobile productivity while meeting and enforcing regulatory compliance

For regulated industries, mobile communication can be fraught with compliance risks. Text, chat, and voice are valued and productive channels, however, IT and compliance teams must balance big mobile-first productivity gains with meeting and enforcing regulatory recordkeeping, eDiscovery and compliance.

SL2 compliant and secure mobile communication for regulated industries, i.e., financial services, government, healthcare, education, insurance:

  • Mobile data, text/SMS, WhatsApp and voice (optional) are captured and archived for retention, eDiscovery and electronic communication compliance.
  • SL2 leverages a dedicated Mobile Business Number™ to separate personal and work data for BYOD, CYOD and COPE while protecting staff privacy.
  • Helps organizations meet the robust recordkeeping compliance and eDiscovery requirements of FINRA, SEC, FCA, MiFID II, IIROC, Dodd-Frank Act, GLBA, SOX, FOIA, Sunshine Laws, Public Records Laws, HIPAA.
  • Integrated with Microsoft Endpoint Manager, BlackBerryⓇ UEM and AppConfig.

Includes CellTrust patented SecureSMS and SecureVoice

SL2 app-to-app text, MMS, data, chat and voice communication is secured by CellTrust’s patented data security technology.

SL2 integrates with Microsoft Compliance to minimize risks

SL2 is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Compliance solutions enabling Information Governance, Advanced eDiscovery and Communication compliance scenarios for text, chat and mobile communication covering compliance oversight and governance scenarios for our joint customers. With CellTrust SL2 Connector, the mobile communications data captured by SL2 is sent to Microsoft 365 compliance platform to minimize regulatory compliance risks — especially on personal devices.

Valued by enterprises large and small

CellTrust was founded in 2006 by pioneers in the security sector who anticipated the impact of a mobile-first world. International banks, medium to small financial institutions, local government agencies, companies within the healthcare, educational institutions and those in the insurance industry leverage SL2’s leading edge mobile capture and compliance features to protect their organization from the reputational and financial damage of a mobile compliance breach.

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