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Precision Marketing

ciValue Systems, Ltd.

Personalized Marketing and Supplier Collaboration for Retail

ciValue’s Precision Marketing automates the data science work required for translating retail data into insights and personalized treatments that deliver tangible business results. Customer Intelligence
  • Automatically computes key customer behavioral attributes
  • Predicts next likely actions by customers
  • Searches for revenue opportunities and threats
  • Highlights recommended courses of action
Precision Marketing
  • Executes personalization at scale according to predefined marketing objectives
  • Communicates personalized offers and recommendations to marketing and digital channels
  • Connectors w/ marketing solutions and bots
Collaborative Marketing with Suppliers
  • Enables suppliers and other partners to access the
  • capabilities of ciValue’s Customer Intelligence and
  • Precision Marketing Bots
  • Optimizes and distributes offers from multiple brands
Key Values
  • Speed of implementation
  • Marketing productivity
  • Scalability
  • Product not a business service or project
  • Long term uplift in revenue and engagement