by Class Coach Pty Ltd

Enable data driven decisions based on student test results which does not require data entry.

1. Description of the offer.

Free access for primary/secondary teachers to mathematics quizzes and solutions for all years based on the curriculum/syllabuses set by each state and territory.  All quizzes maybe printed and given to students to complete before uploading to ClassAnalytics to be marked at no costs.  All test results are automatically uploaded online to allow teachers to view and manage their students learning.  In additionally past & revision papers such as HSC, VCAA, NAPLAN are also available at no extra costs. 


Students access is AUD$10 (inc GST) per school year which provides their individual performance and diagnostics of sub-topic requiring revision based their test results automatically analysed.  Sub topics maybe revised with additional quizzes as well as online videos prepared by our teachers.  The yearly subscription also includes past & revision papers such as HSC, VCAA, NAPLAN which students may complete in their own time.

2. Type of user that benefits from the offer. 
All users including primary and secondary school principals. head of department, teachers and students can benefit by reporting and analysis customise for their role.  Other beneficiaries include parents/guardians who may wish to monitor their child's progress.

3. Customer need or pain that the offer addresses.

ClassAnalytics free up the teachers' time often consumed in preparing and marking test papers as well as data entry of test results.  Furthermore ClassAnalytics automatically identify which subtopics required revision by below average students whereas above average students may do extension topics.  This way the whole class is able to progress to the next topic. Finally all quizzes/topics are updated each year according to ACARA which means teachers are fully burden with updating teaching materials.


Students are no longer restricted to physically submitting their completed homework on paper to the teacher by taking a photo from their smart device using our ClassAnalytics mobile app.  In additional to the correct answer for each question every student have instant access to the correct working solution which gave the correct answer or video tutorial on that topic.

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