Clockworks Meter Reader

Clockworks Data Innovation B.V.

Reading analog meters from images, in real-time, with super-human accuracy

Clockworks’ meter reader is a cloud-based solution for reading non-smart water- gas and electricity meters automatically from images, real-time and with super-human accuracy. Based on the state-of-the-art in artificial intelligence and computer vision, this solution allows for real-time digitization of analogue assets in the utility domain without costly replacements.

In contrast to classic image recognition techniques, this solution is able to read images under the challenging conditions in which these analogue meters are found. For example when a meter is dirty, in a dark area or at a difficult angle. Additionally the solution works on images of low resolution, which allows images to be taken and send with cheap hardware and low data-throughput.

Clockworks’ meter reader application is available as an API, allowing high throughput, load and scale, while not compromising on robustness, up-time and security. The API can be integrated in different front ends, providing business value in processes such as:

  • Reducing human error in manual meter reading processes
  • Increased mechanic/meter-reader efficiency
  • Increased customer satisfaction by providing easier means of submitting meter readings
  • Increased data quality and quantity, allowing for optimized asset management and predictive maintenance

Having proven use- and value cases in the Dutch utility market, Clockworks’ meter reader application is ready and available to scale to the global utility and network operating sector.


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