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CloudSupervisor Azure

Integrated dashboards for managing Cybersecurity, Compliance, and Costs across Azure subscriptions

CloudSupervisor®Azure provides subscription owners with detailed monitoring of all Security configuration settings, and Governance & Regulatory Compliance (GRC) configuration settings for applications in Azure. As changes occur to the Security and GRC standards for applications in Azure, thorough reporting ensures that compliance is monitored and enforced across all subscriptions, controlling ‘drift’ from baselines.

CloudSupervisor Azure provides comprehensive operational cost reports and suggestions on rightsizing, VM consolidation, and recommendations in use of resources to ensure optimal operational cost control. Combined with the ability to automatically snooze Dev and Test subscriptions.

The dashboard provides:

  • Manage Cloud Costs with detailed recommendations for rightsizing, VM consolidation, and resource usage to lower the costs of Cloud operations.
  • Lowered costs of Cloud operations, application compliance monitoring, and ongoing remediation.
  • Applications are monitored against consistent standards and controls.
  • Risk Management oversight capabilities for Cloud-based applications.

If you are interested in finding out more about our tools for targeting & migrating applications to the cloud, please visit our overview page or view our demo.