- Capture attendee feedback in Teams meetings.

by Flyte

Encourage meeting participation and capture key feedback and responses using

It has become increasingly commonplace to co-ordinate meetings over Microsoft Teams and this is providing participants with a convenient platform to more easily communicate, discuss and keep up-to-date on topics across and outwith an organisation.

It can be difficult however (and near impossible in very large groups), to ensure meetings are kept engaging for all attendees and there are suitable opportunities to share any feedback and opinions. is a solution which enables Meeting Owners to:

  • Easily and effectively capture anonymous feedback from attendees during Teams meetings, creating a safe space to share honestly.
  • Use the meeting bot to prompt attendees to submit comments, provide feedback or use emoticons to respond to any questions.
  • Share received responses for discussion with the meeting group.
  • Revisit responses for past questions using the dashboard.

To begin using, simply download and 'Add to a Meeting'. For any questions and to get in touch with our team, please contact us at

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