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Backup-as-a-Service to backup files & folders

The Cloud Factory EMEA Ltd.

Backup-as-a-Service for simple, reliable and secure backup of files & folders to cloud

The Cloud Factory Backup-as-a-Service, built on Azure Backup services at the back-end, is a solution which has been packaged to make backup of files & folders to cloud simple, reliable, secure and cost-effective. It is very easy to restore your backup files and does not require any technical assistance and the whole process is simple enough to do it on your own. It eliminates your concerns related to creating and maintaining a cloud subscription.

Easy to deploy & use

  • Simply download, install and register the backup agent on your laptop or desktop using a setup guide to experience hassle free installation. 
  • Easy and simple self-restore backup process (no technical knowledge required)
  • Create your own backup schedule and choose your files & folders for backup

Reliable and Always Available
3 copies of the data are stored to a single datacentre location and optionally at an additional, remote datacentre.

All backup data transfer from your system to the Recovery Services vault is encrypted using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). The backup data is sent over a secure HTTPS link. The backup data is also stored in the Recovery Services vault in encrypted form. Only you, the customer, have the passphrase to unlock this data.

Efficient and Flexible
Once the initial seeding is complete, only incremental changes are sent based on a defined schedule. Built-in compression helps limit network utilization and throttling shapes the network traffic.

Next Step
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